New Page

I just got a tumblr account, so I'm moving my blog to:
Sure it's less elegant of a URL, but maybe someday I'll also get a domain. Maybe.

So, for now of all my posts will be there for now on.



Fountains Of Wayne

I made a badge.

You should too.

I also made a video.


This song makes me think about a girl I had a crush on in high school. :/

It's sorta HD. Not really. I need a new camera bad.

I feel like I'm slipping away from dancer and back to human. It's kind of a bummer.


Free Download

This is what I've been working on all day with my sis:

It's a free m4a (iTunes Plus) of our cover of Weezer's (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To.

Let me know what you think! :)



Best costume in the world or best costume in the world ever?

amir costume 01

I'm dressed up as Amir from JakeAndAmir.com. I didn't get anyone to dress up as Jake with me. Whateve.

Today is my mother's birthday! Happy birthday to my mother! <3

(The lovely woman standing next to the priest.)


Wedding Photos

Here's the photos I posted from my cousin's wedding and wedding rehearsal over the weekend.



Banana Costume

I'm going to be a rocking banana for halloween.


Rocking Kuppajoe

I had an awesome time last night at Kuppajoe. I think everyone else that was there did too. Casey rocked it weird sounding acoustic guitar and Skouts Honor rocked really hard. Okay, here's some goodies:

BTG @ Kjoe 10.16.2009 1

BTG @ Kjoe 10.16.2009 2

BTG @ Kjoe 10.16.2009 3





Uh oh.

Dear blog,

I've been neglecting you. Luckily unlike my dog, you won't die from neglect, but that means the dog gets priority over you…

I've been up to a lot, blog. School is slowly killing me. I have lots of homework to do, but I procrastinate.

There has been lots of music in my life. I purchased lots of new CDs. A Fine Frenzy, Imogen Heap, Relient K, Monsters Of Folk, Paramore and lots more. I love them all. I forgot to state in my last post that I saw blink-182. It was amazing. Seeing Weezer and then blink was fulfilling to my inner teenager. Those two bands helped shape my awkward years and maybe that was the turning point in my life to be less awkward. Eh. Probably not.

I've been writing a lot, just not to you and I hope that's okay. I have a handful of new songs to record. I'm hoping to take a long weekend and put them all down to garageband or logic soon.

I made a video yesterday and that is what many spurred this post. I made the video because Bazil is playing Kuppajoe next Friday. I'm very excited. The Kennedy Bros are nice and are too kind to let my band play at their venue.

Anyway, here's the video. Talk to you later, blog.



Harry Potter

Kim asked me to be her date for Sadie Hawkin's. We're going as Hogwarts Students.

This is my outfit:

Harry Potter 02

Harry Potter 01

It's gonna be awesome.