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you can guess you is who.

it's inspired by cyanide and happiness. they're great. i hope they don't sue me now.


random thoughts of the day

this image is hilarious

woo. it might be a bit over the top, but i feel it speaks my internal conflict.

on an unrelated note:

i'm dj-ing a sweet 70's themed b-day party tonight, then playing guitar for grease next weekend, and then playing guitar for grease thursday and saturday and dj-ing my cousin mel's wedding friday night.

i'm nice and busy.

but also bummed that cmt/ftw didn't get the rights to do jesus christ superstar. the damn touring company is coming through town later this year and didn't want any other groups doing the show.


but i'm still in for whatever show they decide to do. it's better to be out and doing music than just sitting at home creating music all by myself.



oh boy, i'm tired.

i just got home from salsa dancing. the starline in fresno, california's tower district, has mad salsa dancing.

bigger, older, wiser kyle and tarra invited me to join them for their outing to thursday night salsa dancing. i was super excited and major-ly scared at the same time. i really didn't know what to expect and i figured it would be a great opportunity to get some dancing in, since the next two parties i'm going to i will be dj-ing.

so i show up about the same time kyle and tarra get to the bar/danceclub/bandvenue. we wait to see if and group of people come up and want to pretend to be my date so we can pay for a couples ticket instead of a more expensive single ticket. kyle and tarra's friend joins us and we proceed to the door. when we think we have things in order, i'm told i'm not wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion (my trendy velcro kicks, weren't fancy enough). tarra saves the day and takes the blame for forgetting to tell me and we promise it won't happen again.

from 8:45 to 9:45 there is salsa instruction and i attempt to learn some basics to salsa dancing. rotating partners throughout the lesson is a nice way to meet everyone and learn names, but with my horrible short term memory, i forgot everyone's name quickly as the instructor said, "next partner".

then was the open dancing. i danced quite a few times with different people. tarra and kyle were giving me tips on how to talk to people while dancing with them. i guess they noticed that my first few dances were fairly silent with minimal talking.

somewhere in the middle of dancing, my phone died. i promised to call my dad when i was leaving, but was unable to. thank god for understanding parents and when their child comes home after midnight and doesn't even call to acknowledge they are still alive.

well, it was a great evening, now i'm off to check the craigslist missed connections for tall, scrawny kid with glasses at salsa dancing....


ps someone i danced with wore some chocolate hand lotion, i now have the urge to eat my hand... i must resist!


new song

listen to my new song.


it's fairly rough and still in an infant stage.

so i need you to listen to it and give me feed back.

you can download it and put it on you ipod/mp3 player/cassette deck.

let me know what you think!



walkforlife2008: image impressions.

today, i attended the walk for life rally in san francisco.

it was an annual a prolife march down embarcadero st.

the march was painfully slow and took about 3-3 1/2 hrs.

there were protesters and counter-protesters, and it was an all around good time; and of course i had my camera to document it.

here's photos of the posters of the protesters and counterprotesters (don't hold anything i say about the photos against me; i marched for the prolife group, but will proceed to verbally tease both sides' posters):


i loved this one; it's basically an ad for an online catholic dating site that had very little relevance to the march.

comparing abortion to terrorism is a bit extreme. calling eligible voters terrorists, will lose votes in upcoming elections.

sure, susan b. anthony may had been prolife, but is she a relevant role model for women everywhere? no. (but then again, she was probably the most liberal woman in the past millennium who was prolife, so it's probably the best that could be done in this matter.)

i still need to go see that movie...

nice play in the "save baby seals" slogan of the nineties.

"we'll guilt trip those counterprotesters into becoming prolife" (guilt trips only work effectively from mothers to children. nice attempt though.)

this one took me a while to figure out, at first i thought "are they saying homer simpson is protesting too?" but under further inspection it was a pregnant belly. i should have realized that sooner...

nice retort to a previous counterprotester slogan.

"upon reading, one counterprotester realized that was why she lost $5000 after having an abortion."

personalized posters are the best.

this picket posters is aimed towards law-makers... i think, or maybe it was just to piss off counterprotesters.

give anime characters a chance to live! don't abort human or anime babies! killing...er helping two birds with one stone.

this man was carrying what seemed to be a very nice reproduction of the image of our lady of guadeloupe. he is very brave.

nike quickly asked carlos (that's his name) to be in a nike/prolife commercial after seeing his poster.

my fav. prolife protester poster:
it's the blue one: "even vader chose life..."

there were also representatives for some of the presidential hopefuls.

ron paul has a very slim chance of winning, but it's a nice attempt.

i'm not sure if this guys is an official huckabee rep, but it's the thought that counts.

now (because this is a balanced view of the march) the counterprotester's posters.

straight to the point and boring.

stereotype: republicans are prolife/antiabortion, but pro death penalty and antiwelfare. i assume that's what this is aiming at.

don't worry, vajayjay goop on rosaries is pretty gross. i think it will be more of a legal issue rather than a physical crusade against abortion.

i'm not really sure what point this is trying to make, but i'm pretty sure reagan died from alzheimer's disease and being 93 years old (i didn't know that off the top of my head, i looked it up on wikipedia).

"without lube or anything" y-ouch.

"that's not fair, i wanna talk to god too!"

old school picket: thumbs down.

i like the "i moved here..." poster, i don't know why. i guess it means no matter where you go, there will always be people who don't agree with you (poster is multi-functional, i want one for my office).

this is my fav. counterprotester poster:
(the "gay" one) karma, again. she should hang out with the other karma based poster maker, they could create a great karma based slogan company.

so that's what i saw, and thought. share your thoughts.



random thoughts of the day

i have a busy day ahead of me. and how do i begin it? that's right, with a blog.

i have a jazz band tryout for school today. i don't know why i'm worried, but i am.

i just bought two very cool things. yesterday i bought the apple in stereo cd new magnetic wonder. i love it. it's sixties pop goodness. i also bought the apple update to make my ipod touch more iphone-y. very nice. i just wish i didn't have to pay $20 for it. luckily i was able to use an itunes giftcard on it...

nice way to star my day. typing my emotions into a cold white notebook for everyone on the internet to read.

have a nice day.



new blog

well, here i am. a new blog.
this is where i will be posting my random thoughts, feelings and random strains of incoherent rants.

so here's a little about me:
my name is kyle.
i do stuff on my computer.
i have two myspaces.
i also have an album on itunes. (search my name)
i have videos on youtube. (once again, search my name)
i'm also contributing to another blog titled "kyle and jason's blog"

this blog probably will only be used as an update on my other projects.