Here's some short video my buddy Kevin did a while back.

It'sa bit wordy and very Tarantino-ish, but once past that, it's an intriguing and well shot student film.

I bring this up because Kevin and I are in a video production class this semester and he's directing our final project and I've written about six different drafts of the script (I'm not complaining, they're amazing!).

Here's the intro we'll be using:


I'm gonna be posting another buddy's concert I taped monday night sometime next week, and hopefully I and the rest of the band will have practice this weekend and have something to upload. Fun times.



I just registered from my fall 2008 semester yesterday, so here's my tentative schedule:
(click to enlarge)



Phil25=Intro to Philosophy
Drama62=Beginning Drama (cakewalk, baby)
MCJ115=Second video production class
MCJ10=Media Writing
Hist12=American History

Compare, contrast and get back to me on what you think.


the birthday and day after.

My birthday was wednesday, and I must say it was pretty awesome.

It was very low key, which was a-ok with me. I enjoy birthday bashes, but nineteen isn't a big deal like some of the landmark birthdays, so dinner out with family is a wonderful way to celebrate.

Here are some pictures I and assorted others took.





the parents and the spawn1

the parents and the spawn2



The day after was the day I was worried about. I had to present the fourth draft of my script to my video production class, sit through an audition for the video that my script is for, go to a last minute jazz rehearsal, take a physics midterm and finally rock a jazz band concert.

Luckily everything went smoothly; my class thought my script was good (but I still need to make a fifth draft), the audition wasn't so hot but that wasn't my beat, the rehearsal rocked, the midterm wasn't tough and the jazz concert was amazing. I play guitar in the Fresno State Jazz B Band and most of the band wasn't too confident right before the show, which was a bit nerve racking, but when I got on the stage, I threw those feelings out the window and got into the zone. Then the A Band took the stage and they seriously blow minds. I hope I get to play with them soon. I won't be able to next semester for sure, the way my schedule works out, but my Spring 09 audition will definitely have the most effort behind it, ever.

I actually get to sign up for my Fall 08 classes in about an hour and a half, so I'm super-famicom excited for that.



I babysat with my mom today, aka had a photoshoot with Quinn and Wyatt.

monster baby



alien baby


in the yard

Let me know what you think!

My nineteenth birthday is tomorrow.


Watch my pencil exercise.

Brokeback Pencil from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

and my classmates'

Let me know what you think of them!

I baby sat Wyatt and Quinn today with my mom. I took a bunch of pictures, I'll post them after I upload them.


A Drummer Dub

Hi peoples.

This is a video by my buddy, Matt. He plays drums in Jazz Band with me at Fresno State.

He's pretty bomb, I think.

As of right now, he's got another video up that's pretty cool too.
Check it.

My other drummer buddies, Todd and Ben, should get some love too, they're pretty bomb as well.

Now the drummer love has been distributed fairly evenly. Goodnight.



So Brandon and Daniel and I went to the job fair in the local mall today, because we have no jobs and very little money

It was pretty lame. There were too many people and not enough space for all the people.

Luckily I had my vidcam with me at documented the experience.

Life is not (a job) fair. from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

Hopefully I never have to live through something like that again.

So I'm turning nineteen on wednesday, the twenty-third. I'm at the end of my teens. I hate it when I see people like the Jonas Brothers or other teens on television or on the radio and touring in their teens. I feel like I should be doing that, instead of mindlessly typing away into a blog. Hopefully I'll get there someday


Here's my new video I made with my sister the other day:

We are awesome!

So yesterday I needed to park in my cousin's parking stall-thingy behind his house and I totally scraped the side of my car on the wooden paneling... The real irony is that later during the day, my parents went to sell our old white minivan. One car out, one care damaged.

Luckily my cousins Jared and Gaby didn't mind the small damage done to their stall, but my dad made me help him buff off the paint on my car. It's only fair.

On a positive note: I get to go to my old high school's prom next month and announce this year's prom king. How cool!?! I get to go and dance it up for free with only needing to take care of one little responsibility first.

Later today there's a job fair at one of the malls. I still need a job, but I think I want to take advantage of the situation and take my camera out there and cause an embarrassing ruckus and get it all on video. I'll either have a job or a funny video in the end, maybe both.

Okay, time to get ready to go make a fool of myself at the mall, although almost every time I go to the mall I seem to make a fool of myself...


Late night crazies

Jason and Gilbert and Todd and I had an awesome band practice earlier tonight... and we broadcasted it live on Justin.tv!

Hopefully we get to broadcast more live music stuff and what not.

Check out my channel. Although, as of right now it's not that interesting since I'm not broadcasting anything right now and I don't have anything saved up there... http://www.justin.tv/kylelowe

I'll probably upload something to youtube and vimeo this week, keep the eyes peeled!


Wyatt's Birthday: The Movie

This is most of the footage I shot at the wonderful birthday party yesterday.

Wyatt's 3rd Birthday from Kyle Lowe.

Okay, now that I've uploaded this I need to get to work on the two papers I have due this upcoming friday. Uh. One will be fairly easy once I get the motivation to begin typing, while the other is quite a daunting task. Comparing papers/articles on the sexual desire of teenage girls vs. teenage boys. How awkward. I must be done, I guess.

Oh, to be fancy free as a three year old...


Three Years of Life Summarized in a Party

Today my godson, Wyatt, turned three years old. That's quite an accomplishment, I'd say. He's fearless and uncomfortably full of energy.

Here are some photos I took earlier today at Wyatt's third birthday party.


joe the pirate 3

joe the pirate 2





pirate kyle

My uncle, Joe, dressed up as a pirate for the party. Wyatt loved it. At some point I switched from the still camera to a camcorder, so as soon as I finish editing some stuff together, I'll upload that to youtube and vimeo and then post it up here...

Fun times.

Give me feedback the photos.

Unrelated notes:
My car's battery died yesterday. I can't just "jump" it back to life either, a new battery is needed, since this one won't hold a charge at all for long. Then today, my parents called me to pick them up because the old minivan wouldn't start (although, soon after, it started and they called back saying that it started and didn't need me to pick them up.

My brother and I survived approximately thirty-six hours alone with each other without causing any major damage to each other or our surroundings (with the exception of my car. Although, I think I can blame nature on that one...) as our parents chaperoned a field trip with my sister's school's jazz band. Yay.