New Years Eve?

Have no plans for New Years Eve?

Come to Merced and check out The Piano Caffe and listen to me play in
a jazz combo!

The Piano Caffe is located at 3361 N G St Merced, CA 95340.

We'll be playing at 9pm. Be there.

The Piano Caffe has awesome sandwiches and salads with bread from a
local Mennonite bakery.



Should I get a 16GB iPhone or a 32GB iPod Touch? or a Nikon D90? or midi drums?


Kingdom Come

I made this for Nicole for Christmas.

Watch On YouTube.

Merry Christmas everyone.


I just made a donation to Wikipedia.

I don't usually give monetary donations, but I use Wikipedia really frequently and I would be sad if it ever stopped existing. So I chipped in $10.

You should too.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

I'm working on a slide show for the Gettysburg Elementary soccer club. They paid me more this year than they did last year, so I decided to do these ones in HD. I'll post on Vimeo when I finish them.

Woo, it's officially Christmas Eve 2008!


Jobless still and again.

I applied for an office job at my school and I really thought I was going to get it, but I got an email a few days ago saying I didn't get it.

It came down to me and one other person. Unfortunately that other person was Carl, the guy I worked on all my video production class projects with (The Detective Film Noir Two Birds, One Stone…, The Documentary, and The Musical). I'm happy for him, but I wish I would have gotten the job.

I also lost a job. I mowed Ed's lawn since 2005 and now he doesn't need me anymore. It wasn't hard work or work that paid much, but it was still an extra $20 I could spend on whatever I wanted for the week. Oh well.

So in retaliation and at the suggestion of a friend, I posted a job resume on Craigslist. http://fresno.craigslist.org/res/966667109.html

Sad, I know. But it's worth a shot. I think I'm going to post a Band for Hire one too… Maybe sometimes next week.

Now to read the Missed Connections and Haikus for some laughs.


Two Birds, One Stone… Premiere!

It took a little while, but here it is!

Watch In HD.

Please let me know what you think!


2008 Reel

Here's my reel that I made to try to get a job!

Watch in HD here.

Wish me luck!


I feel dumb.

I feel dumb, I tried to upload the video to youtube ad forgot that they have a 10min maximum!

I'll upload it to Vimeo on Thursday, when my allowance resets.

Two Birds, One Stone…

Here it is:

Watch in HD here.

I'll upload it to Vimeo on Thursday, I wasted a lot of my bandwidth with the behind the scenes video...

Let me know what you think!


Two Birds, One Stone… Update!

Tomorrow is the big premiere of Two Birds, One Stone…!

But now, here's a behind the scenes video and some production stills:

Two Birds, One Stone… Behind The Scenes from Kyle Lowe.

My flickr pro account is expiring and I don't really want to pay to renew it... Poo.

Metallica @ Save Mart Center: The Way Death Magnetic Should've Sounded

Not really, it would have been quite rumbly. But at least evenly balanced and non distorted.

James Hetfield did make sort of an apology for the way Death Magnetic was mastered. Sort of.

They were still very loud, but every sound was balanced and accounted for. The guitars sounded ridiculously awesome. I'd guess that they were using amp modeling, because there were no amp heads on stage and the cabinets on stage looked like dummies. And with all the guitar (and especially bass) changing the sound was almost consistent throughout and with recordings.

The open arena staging worked really well. The only thing that I found funny was I could see Lars Ulrich's bald spot with my binoculars when his drum set faced away from me.

Kirk Hammett botched a note in the solo intro of One which totally caught me off guard, but other than that, the playing was top notch. I still wonder how Robert Trujillio wears his bass so low.

For two or three songs Trujillo played an awesome sparkle-green Rickenbacker. It was awesome. Hammett and Hetfield stuck to ESP guitars most of the night.

Overall the show was awesome. I only wish I would have bought the tickets from the Metallica website, so I could've gotten a free digital recording of the concert.

Monday. Two Birds, One Stone… release. Check back Monday evening!



Every time I hear my voice captured I think, "Dang, do I really sound that nasally?"

Random. I know.


Two Birds, One Stone... Update

Last night, Carl and I wrapped principal photography for our final in MCJ115! I'll post pictures soon.

Big thanks to Brendan, Nicole, Christy, Tyson, Lisa, and Delanie!

We'll be editing it through next week and have it up on Monday Dec. 15.

Now to get to work on my other finals...


YouTube HD?

I just noticed today that my HD videos that I"ve uploaded to YouTube are showing up with a "Watch in HD" link under them.

Very interesting.

So give these videos a watch and compare them to the Vimeo counterparts:

I think I still like Vimeo's interface more.

I'm going to test and see if I can embed in HD.


Stress Balls.

I am totally freaking out.

I have projects and tests and performances this week and I'm not really prepared for any of them.

I have to study for and take an online quiz for my very unfun history class today.

Tomorrow I have a script read through for my video project on Saturday.

Wednesdays are always pretty busy because I give guitar lessons.

Thursday I might have a job interview with an online radio program. And Jared and Gaby are moving into a new apartment and my brother Brandon and I are supposed to help them move in.

Friday is a Jazz Band concert at school. I'm not super prepared for it and need to spend time on my parts, but I don't have a lot of downtime to just woodshed guitar parts...

Saturday is the video shoot which will take all day. I hope all goes well for this.

And if I make it to Sunday, I'm golden.

I also have writing class and history finals to prepare for and those two classes I'm doing the worst in this semester and I really need to pass those classes.

But I had a good Thanksgiving. How was yours?