PSU now on iTunes

After nearly two months of issues with somethingorotherthatIdon'tunderstand, Purple Spotted Underpants is finally on iTunes!



American Rock Violinist!

Last night was the CD Release party for The Patrick Contreras Band! They took up the whole parking lot behind the Tower Theater in Fresno and totally shook the city!

Here's my pictures from the event:


And a video of them covering Hendrix's Purple Haze:


I'm bummed my camera died while shooting pics of HR7 at the afterparty. The one of Mikey B was the only one that really turned out…

It was good to see old friends and new friends. Overall, rockin' night.


New Videos

From last night:


Come hang out with us next Thursday (6.25.2009) from 5-7pm in the skyroom in the Downtown Fresno Holiday Inn!


Watch in HD.

Pictures and whatnot

Here's some pictures from an outing to an indoor-mini-golf business in Fresno:


The last picture is of this new jazz combo I'm playing in and we're playing for the next seven Thursdays in the skyroom in the Holiday Inn in downtown Fresno. We play from 5-7pm and anyone can park in the underground parking lot and take the Holiday Inn elevator up to the 9th floor and hangout with us.

During yesterday's gig, the sun was setting behind us, which looked pretty cool, but standing in the sun was being in a greenhouse. The drummer, Matt Lopez, got most of the sun on his back but was a trooper and totally rocked through the heat.

In other band/music news, Bazil The Great is in the Frenso Bee!

Of course, Patrick Contreras and 40 Watt Hype had to steal our thunder with bigger features in the Bee, but whatever. We're still gonna rock.

I'm trying to get Hero's Sports Club to let Bazil play, but I have to call at a certain time to talk to a certain person about that and it's as hard as an old Nintendo RPG where I needed the magical sword to slay the dragon, but needed 50 gold coins to buy the sword, and needed to clean the bartender's restroom to make the money but the bartender was captured by the peasants and I need to save the bartender first to get anything done.

Oh and Bazil also got a little set back with attempts of getting signed to a record label. I got this email the other day:
"Hey Kyle,

Thanks for hitting us up. I took a listen and enjoyed your music.
However, it's not what we're looking for at the moment. Best of luck
though and maybe we will see you in the future!


Scott ----
-------- Records"

Oh well, we keep chugging along, but I will say I was a little bummed for the rest of that day…



I've been watching DaveAOK's shorts for almost a year now, and I think this one is blog worthy:

CRUTCH (HD) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

It's and awesome video. But I'm worried that that's what I'll become some day…


Bazil: For Sale

As of tomorrow, the Bazil The Great EP - Purple Spotted Underpants will be on sale at Spinner's Records in the Fresno Tower District (639 E Olive Ave Fresno)!

Then next Saturday we're playing at Echo Street Coffee!

I hope you can make it!


Poplord Music Video

A few months ago my buddy Anderson told me that he wanted me to act in a music video he was working on for a class. I've never really acted for realsies, but I gave it my best shot and this is how it turned out:

Poplord - Change In Time For Monday.

Dir. Anderson Kith
D.P. Kevin Blair
Prod. Melissa Villa
Boy - Me (Kyle Lowe)
Girl - Lindsey Arrington


The Crossroads

Last night Bazil played with Fairlane at The Crossroads in Fresno. Here's some pictures:


Jason and I weren't allowed in the bar, so we had fun with chalk while waiting for our turn to rock.

Fairlane from LA was pretty awesome! They had a No Doubt-y styling to them and we're really entertaining.

The headlining act, You Me and Iowa dropped so Bazil got to headline. We did some extended jams and even made up a song about "my mom's a lesbian" on the spot as suggested by a strange looking man.

Overall it was really fun and hopefully they have us back to play again!