Tonight! …And other stuff.

Starline Grill 8-10pm.

Come hear me make music with my guitar.

Kuppajoe, 7pm, $6.

There's so much cool stuff I've seen recently that I should talk about. I'll try to summarize.

I'm super glad with how the sixth Harry Potter turned out. I really enjoyed the movie Moon, it really showed a great attention to detail and tons of emotion. The Clovis Centerstage production of Beauty and the Beast is fantastic. I'm so proud of all my friends in the show and in the orchestra!



Death Cab Video 2

Here's the second video I made last night:


So amazing.

Death Cab Video 1

Here's the first video I made:


The second is uploading right now and I'll post it when it's done.

Death Cab For Cutie

I just uploaded most of my pictures from the concert in the Greek Theater. Here they are:


The concert was amazing. The opening act RaRa Riot was really entertaining. I really liked their electric violin and cello combinations. Andrew Bird was also great. His use of looping to make whistle harmonies and violin chords was extraordinary. Death Cab was top notch and put on an amazing show. I'm uploading video and will add it here when it's all done.

The Greek Theater made for a good, large, yet intimate venue.

I gave Andrew Bird's drummer a Bazil cd when I saw him in the crowd. I really hope he listens to it.

I'm having a blast in Berkeley, but will be missing home soon…


4th of July

Here's some of my pictures from the 2009 4th of July:


My family had a pretty awesome shindig as we do year after year, but this year was pretty tame compared to previous years. Oh well, no big deal.

I'm almost done with the BTG concept songs. I think I only need two more. I really didn't work on it at all this week, but I feel that if I finish all the songs before July, I'm good. Because then Matt will be back in the middle of August and we can get them all recorded in late August and early September.

I really want to record a handful of duet covers with a bunch or people and release them online for free. I think I can do 5-10 songs before summer is over. What do you think? Is that something worth pursuing?