Back to school.

Today was my first day back to school.

Starting my third year of college is kinda strange. I kinda know how it works now. I try not to act too confident, because I know I'll wind up in a sticky situation where I'll need to know something and not.

So far my classes seem pretty cool. Media Law is mandatory for my major, so I hope that one is fairly painless. New Media seems like a breeze as long as I don't procrastinate on the papers. And lastly, Fiction Writing looks like it'll be a fun class, since it's mostly reading, discussion and writing, that and the TA teaching seems like a cool dude.

I have three more new classes tomorrow, and hopefully they're just as nice.

So I might be getting a new phone soon, so message me if you feel that I should have your phone number. Thanks.

Also, Bazil might be entering a Battle of the Band in Fullerton. If we do, would you be willing come down to Fullerton with us (possible official caravan) and spend a day with us? The tickets will be $10 and whoever is driving the caravan might appreciate some gas money too. Comment or message me your thoughts.


Watch tonight's show for free!

Check back at 7:30pm to see Zach, Bazil and Kill Mike Love.


But if you can get to Hanford, come hang out with us. It's still free.


Two And A Half Days

Through Wednesday, I'm going to be unplugged, offline, let got of the matrix.

My family decided to go to downtown Los Angeles. As a fairly impromptu vacation.

I decided to not take my computer. Now, my lil sis might take her iPod Touch and I might be tempted to check my email or something, but I'm going to try to not give into temptation. We'll see.

Okay here I go. Wish me luck.

The CMT production of Evita is amazing. Also, (500) Days Of Summer is awesome too. But if you're looking for something free to do this weekend, come hear Bazil at the Hanford Caffe é Via.




Here's some video from last Saturday's set at Kuppajoe. I forgot to record the Bazil set. :/

He Dreams Of Sleep (Peter):


From Indian Lakes (Joey):




Bazil is playing again the 15th in Hanford. I'll take all my gear to broadcast it online.