Dr. Horrible.

Seriously, if you haven't watched this yet, you really should.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

but it's best from iTunes (until it's released on dvd). It's amazing.

Watch it, buy it, love it.



Here's a video from the gig on saturday!!!

Kyle Lowe - Interesting from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

Tell me what you think!


Caffé e Via Gig

I played a pretty awesome show last night at the Caffé e Via in Hanford. It was awesome because of the crowd (what did you think I was gonna say? "It was awesome because of me"? I'm not that vain. My cousin's band Kill Mike Love put together an amazing set preceded by amazingness of Zach and his sister, Missy, and Bo (I think that's how he spells it...).

Here are some pictures my sister, dad and I took of the awesomeness:

I'll post a video once I upload it to vimeo and youtube.



My cousin Dustin Heald is a make up and special effects artist. He specializes in gore.

Here's a trailer he recently worked on:
Staunton Hill Trailer

I also just saw Batman: The Dark Knight, in the local IMAX theater. I felt like the whole world had seen the movie before me... And everyone had been talking the movie up, I was expecting a magnificent opus of movi-cal performance and ended up almost disappointed. Bastards were talking the movie up to be something that had never been awesomed before and I am upset with them *coughbrandonanddelainecough*! And Brandon is a sick and twisted person (although not as much as the Joker is perceived to be) and insisted on ruining some of the best secrets of the movie.

Oh well. Stuff on an IMAX screen is just awesome regardless of spoiled secrets. At least I can one up him and say I saw it on an awesomer screen that him.

I have a gig tonight! Very exciting! I'm opening up for my other cousin's band again, Kill Mike Love

This time in a coffee shop in Hanford.

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Check it!



Here are some pics from today:

And here's a video of my cute little cousin:

The pics are from the train station picking up my friends who went to WYD 2008 in Australia. They got to see the pope and a bunch of other cool stuff. I don't know if they're going to upload their pics, but if they do I'll post a link to them...


New Song.

I uploaded a new tune to my myspace profile:

It's a sudo-chiptune. I stole some ideas from The Postal Service, Once, and some melancholy love songs. Imitation is the best kind of flattery, or so I hear. It's called "Pertfect (A Boy Of Misunderstanding)"

I really want feedback on it. Likes, dislikes, suggestions, etc.

And it can be downloaded and put onto an iPod, into iTunes, etc!



Strange Day in San Jose

Hey, that rhymes! I totally didn't plan that.

Yesterday Nicole and I drove to San Jose, CA to see Coldplay perform in the HP Pavilion. The drive there wasn't bad. Traffic was pretty low and the roads were pretty clear from Fresno to San Jose. We got there pretty early and decided to kill some time in the San Jose downtown area (and I totally forgot to bring my camera this time, so no pictures of downtown San Jose).

We decided to peek into the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library part of the SJSU campus. I took a nap and Nicole spent some quality time with her iPod. When we decided we were hungry, we got up and back to my car and started to take off towards the venue. While driving I noticed there was a paper under my windshield wiper. I was really hoping it was just an advertisement of some sort, but of course when we finally stop I grabbed it and found out it was a parking ticket from our library metered park. I now owe the city of San Jose $28 for a parking job that no police person in Fresno would have given a second glance (and quite frankly was better than most parking jobs in Fresno). The ticket said I was 35% too far forward for my alloted parking spot, and because I had left before I realized I have received a ticket, I couldn't give myself a second opinion (not that I would contest it anyway...).

So I parked in the arena parking area (for $10, still cheaper than parking in front of that library...) and Nicole and I walk to get a late lunch/early dinner (once again forgetting my camera...). We were attacked by a Greenpeace street team and I really support their work, but because I knew I was going to have to pay a ticket, I didn't feel like handing out money at that time (I felt like an ass). We got some food then headed back to the car to get ready for some Coldplay! During our walk we ended up next to a guy who asked where the HP Pavilion was and we asked him if he was here to see Coldplay. He told us that he saw them the night before in LA and it was just a coincidence that they were both in San Jose the next day! The best part was, he didn't see them at an official tour stop, a friend of his won a contest and Coldplay played their songs in her backyard! Über jealous!

But I had incorrectly planned my need for fecal facilities and found myself really needing to pee with no facilities near. I walked a block (because I wasn't quite ready to head into the HP Pavilion) to find absolutely no restrooms in sight. So I ran back to the car, each step a painful jab to my bladder, and used a Starbucks cup from earlier that day. I was clean and tidy about it and even used some hand sanitizer afterward that I had remembered to bring.

Nicole and I made our way to the HP Pavilion and ran into Todd and Chris who were also in San Jose from Fresno to see some Coldplay. The concert was awesome. The band was in top notch condition and tore through a balanced choice of songs from their four studio LPs. A majority of their set did come from their latest "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends" but that's a given since this tour is in support of that album. Chris Martin occasionally forgot lyrics during songs and quickly apologized at the end of each song that it had occurred. Instead of screens behind the band, hanging globes in the center of the arena had images cast upon them, creating a fisheye effect to the video displayed.

After the concert Nicole and I drove home safely arriving back in Fresno about 2 in the morning.

Completely separate note:

I just watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I think it's awesome.

It can be streamed here:
for a limited time, or purchased on iTunes. I think it will be released on DVD too.

It's a three act musical surrounding the super villain Dr. Horrible and it's hilarious.

Watch it!



I won an online contest!

I signed up for a random drawing from SPIN.com. I like to enter, but I've never won before. This is pretty cool. The prize was a free, signed Futureheads 7" vinyl.

I feel bad, because I don't actually have the latest Futureheads album.

Oh well. I'm totally gonna go listen to it.

the prize.

package "FTW!"

That's some pretty awesome return address...


Back Home

Finally. There were some scary accidents out on the road.

I took a ton of pics and here are a few:

I got to play my cousin's accordion. It was pretty bomb. I rocked that thing, but my back hurts from that combined with sitting in a minivan for four plus hours...

Okay, so let me know if there are likes or dislikes on the pics!



I'm on vacation. Luckily there is some internet, but I only have it for a day. Boo. Hotels, motels, inns, etc really need to implement free internet everywhere. It's just not right to have to pay for it.

I'm still waiting to update my iPod Touch to firmware 2.0. I really want to try out some new apps. But I really shouldn't spend anymore money since I bought a new recording interface.

I'm in Sonoma county with a bunch of my family. Going on big family vacations is fun, but it takes so long to get anything done, but I enjoy taking a lot of pictures. I'll post them soon.



I feel like I've been waiting.

For everything.

I bought a new recording interface, but had to take it back because the headphone jack was messed up and I just wanted another one, but the store didn't have another one. So, I have to wait until they get a new one.

But I did record a demo for a new project that Jason Wada and I are gonna start. It will be a musical project about stuff in the news. I feel optimistic. Well here's the demo:
I don't really know how it's gonna turn out in the end, but I'm excited.

And while I'm at it, here's another link to my e.p. that I'm hosting up for free download:

My buddy spent the night at my house, because his parents were really upset with him. It was interesting.

I haven't been able to take many pictures or shoot anything lately, but I plan to this weekend.


Video From Gig

Here's some of the video my dad shot at the show at Fatte Albert's on thursday:

Kill Mike Love - "Clockwork" and "Somewhere Across Town"

Kyle Lowe - Take On Me

Kyle Lowe - "Sinking Ship" and "Ahead of Her Time"

And I still have tshirts to sell. See the picture of my aunt in the previous post. $10 (+shipping if needed) a shirt! Let me know what you want!


Gig and 4th of July

My gig last night went really well. Unfortunately no one took any pictures. My dad shot some video, so I'll be editing and uploading that tomorrow or the day after.

I got my shirts from Jesse and they're pretty sweet. I'm selling them for $10 a shirt an I have smalls, mediums, and larges left. Let me know if you want a shirt, and if they need be mailed, I'll do that some how. I just really need the money since I bought those and the recording equipment. Luckily my dad lent me money (instead of putting it on credit, etc) to buy the gear, but I really need to pay him back (and I'd rather do that with tshirt revenue rather than completely out of pocket).

Today was the fourth of July, Unites States Independence from England and what not. I personally think a lot of the historical relevance has been bogged and lost, but it's always a good day for picture taking.