New video and song!

It's a two for one day, I guess.

Two new awesome entertain-i-ments this very early morning.

First, watch the video:

Put It Together (Original Song) from Kyle Lowe

Then, listen to my newer song, "Daylight Moon," on my music myspace profile (http://ping.fm/8Ep2q)

And THEN, tell me what you think of the two!


First week of school: impressions.

So, the first week of school (of my second year, third semester, at Fresno State) has come an by. And here are my impressions.

My first class, Philosophy is crazy. There are some stubborn people in there. It is really funny. Some of the kids in the class don't understand "theoretical" arguments. Today, the class was informed that the class is moving classrooms and buildings. That doesn't make my day easier, but it won't be a big deal.

My drama class is a riot. The teacher is comedian at heart and I don't want to know what happened to make him settle on teaching... Something depressing, I bet. Two friends from high school (and another person from high school that I don't really know) are in the class, so that is nice.

Jazz band should be same old, same old. I didn't do as wells as I wanted at the audition, but that's my own fault for not practicing sight reading over the summer...

I'm excited for my video production class. I originally thought it would be a very technical class (like my last video production class) but the teacher is really enthused about story telling skills rather than technical skills. I feel the same way and am really, really excited in comparison to the really excited about being in the class before the class began.

My writing class, I think, will be fun. Quite a bit of work, but still fun. The prof wants us to memorize some stuff that I think can become difficult, but as long as I'm on top of my game, I'm sure I'll do fine.

My history class is the class I'm a bit worried about. The prof expects the class to read whole 20+ page chapters between Tuesday and Thursday class meetings and have pop (unprepared) quizzes occasionally just to check if students read the chapter. I really need to get on my homework for that class. Oh well. It's GE and needs to be done one way or another.

So I think in general, I'll have a fairly enjoyable semester. We'll see how it goes and if this blog turns into a crazy rant of my school or not...

I'm working on a new song and it's almost completely to a point that I think is good enough -- an artist's work is never done.

And Tyson and I are going to have another recording session next weekend, so expect a new song from him in a week or two.

But I'll probably post again those songs get posted...


Photos from the past week!


First two days of school.

So I've gone to my first two days of school. It seems alright.

My first class yesterday (MWF) was PHIL25 and it seems interesting. I'll be learning about arguments (the rationalizing kind, not the emotional kind, I hope)! The prof has a funny accent since English isn't his first language and he learned English in the Midwest. I figure as long as I'm able to follow, I'll do fine.

My second class was DRAMA62. The prof is a big showy guy (I hear most drama teachers are) and seems nice and laid back. I found it funny that Borat is included in our in class movies, but we're supposed to be learning about how entertainment makes a viewer feel, so I guess it is appropriate.

My third class will/should be Jazz Band. I'll have my audition tomorrow. So I'll have to get back to this one later.

My fourth class (and last MWF class) was MCJ115. It is another video production class where I'll get to use Final Cut Pro! I'm really excited to learn more about the program, and I was surprised to hear the prof say that she not only want to merely teach us the program but also to be good story tellers. I like a well told story, and love it when I'm able to tell one.

Today I began my day with MCJ10 (TTh). It's the media writing class that all of the MCJ students have to take. I like writing, so as long as I'm on top of my assignments, I think I'll do well.

Lastly, I ended my second day (of my second year at the university) with HIST12. It'll cover American history from 1877 to present day. It's GE and I hope I can breeze through it and get an A.

So now I have first impressions of my third semester and I think I will enjoy it. I'll have a lot of projects and assignments between them all, but I feel that if I don't fall behind, I'll do great. I just need to not fall behind, which worries me.

Speaking of which, I should get something to eat and then get to the reading assignments...


Hamlet 2

Last night I previewed Hamlet 2. It was okay. It was funny, but I got the feeling that it didn't decide on what kind of comedy it wanted to be. It wasn't completely a comedy of the sad life of the drama teacher, Dana Marschz, nor was it completely a high brow comedy poking fun at social issues, such as sexualizing Jesus and exploring the idea of "what if Hamlet had a time machine?"

The movie was too uneven in pacing and story to really grab me. The slapstick and demeaning humor was strong and had quite a humorous impact, but didn't make up for the lumpy story.

Verdict: rent it (to spite an old AP English teacher who swears the play Hamlet could not be out done).

Further reading: Testing the Infinite Monkey Probability Theorem



I just watched this very touching video.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

That is a dedication to music.


The Rocker

Last night I saw The Rocker. It rocked.

The movie starts off really off the wall and crazy and lets the sadness of Rainn Wilson's Fish sink in.

It picks up again when learning of his nephew and the band that needs a drummer. A bunch of feel good stuff happens and the band starts doing well. After a while a wrench is thrown into the metaphorical engine that is the band and tests it's strength.

The comedy is strong from Wilson and Jason Sudeikis as the asshole manager. Teddy Geiger plays the angsty teenager well and Emma Stone throws some funny and angst well. I was a little bummed that the nephew, Matt (played by Josh Gad), didn't get as much character development as the rest of the band, but I understand that it probably didn't fit with the pacing...

I enjoyed it a lot. I love comedy and rock, and this did a pretty good job of combining the two (I might even dare say that I enjoyed it more that School Of Rock...).

Favorite line:
"John Lennon is rolling in his grave... To hide the boner you just gave him!"

Unrelated: I just uploaded a new song.
Give it a listen and share your thoughts.


Kyle and Julian's Musical Adventure In Downtown Fresno.

So my buddy Julian and I decided to check out two open mic nights in Tower/Downtown Fresno last night. The first one we were psyched about. It was in a coffee shop (Javawava) across the street from Fresno High and we assumed it was very teenager friendly.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at the coffee shop at around 6:30, we saw that it was closed for renovations. We assumed it was to prepare for the upcoming school year. I proposed we waited in the Tower District until the second open mic started. The down side was that it wasn't starting for nearly three hours.

I parked behind the Sequoia Brewing Co. and we heard a band playing inside and wanted to check it out. When we walked in, we asked if we could just listen to the band and the girl behind the counter said it was fine and that we could sit where we wanted. But after about a half hour, an older woman came up to us and said, "This is a restaurant, you have to order something to be here..." I don't know if you can read the rudeness in her voice, but we certainly heard it. We ordered drinks to be polite, but we didn't really see what the big deal was, the place was half empty and we would have kindly given up our seats if paying patrons were to come.

When we got bored, we moved on to the Starbucks across the street and just sat in there for a little while. When I got hungry we moved a little further down the street to get nachos at the Bobby Salazar's. When we walked in I went to order food and Julian sat down and watched the evening's DJ setup. After I got the food, Julian was singing along to the song that the DJ was playing and more people were coming and some workers were creating a dance floor. I think Julian wanted to stay and dance, but when I told him it was "Fresno Queer" night he had no issue with us eating the food in my car outside of Starline.

After eating, we still had almost an hour before the open mic started. I pulled out my guitar and we warmed up and contemplated what we would do (we prepared four songs in hopes of doing two open mics in one night) and decided to do Coldplay's Viva La Vida and Aha's Take On Me.

When the doors opened, we hopped first in line and waited for the guy behind the counter to open the register. He asked us our age and we told him we were 19 and he said, "ten bucks." We weren't ready for that. I thought it was two dollars per act, but we found out it was two dollars per person if they were over 21 and minors had to pay 5 because they don't expect minor to buy a $7 drink. I only had three.

We felt pretty beaten and start to turn around and one of the guys behind us asked us why we looked so down and we told him our predicament. He told us that he was the bass player of the house band and he could let us let us in for four. A lady who had heard all of our craziness gave us a dollar and we were in!

We signed up for a 9:45 slot and sat around until our ten minutes of obscurity began. The house band was good, but the room was loud. I had to put my ear plugs (that I carry with me everywhere, yes I'm crazy, I know) in out of hear of damaging my ears further than they already are.

Julian and I were the first group up and we plugged in my keyboard and then my guitar and Julian grabbed a stool and we kicked off Viva La Vida. The mix on the stage was weird and the floor monitors didn't help me much because there were hardly any vocals coming out of them. Call me a diva, but I need to hear my (and my co-singer's) voice(s). I'm a confident guitar player and know what I'm playing, I didn't need to hear it behind me and in front of me, but oh well.

The audience gave us a big applause, which made me happy. Then we kicked into our ballad version of Take On Me ad when the other performers realized what it was they made cheering noises again. I had a hard time doing my harmony to the chorus, but that was only because of the lack of hearing myself to be able to correct if I was a bit off. I was probably on, but the fact that I could hear if I was or wasn't made me timid about it. I guess these open mic places don't expect these kids to do harmonies. I don't know.

After we were done, we started to take stuff back to my car but were interrupted by a drunk Paraguayan (he was Paragayan because he told us, he was drunk because I could smell it on him...) who wanted to tell us about his homeland in comparison to America. I told him we had to go (shooting myself in the foot for going back and hearing other acts in the process) to end the barely comprehendible conversation.

So Julian and I sped off back to Clovis, calling it a night.

Quote of the evening:
*Sitting in the back of Kyle's dad's car*
Kyle: I have to pee.
Julian: Well it is downtown Fresno... Just find a corner that already smells like piss and go (Italicized words are a Kyle interpretation of what would have been said next).

In conclusion:
Will I do it again? Maybe. Will I bring a medium sized group of friends next time. Yes.



So, my sis stumbled upon these.

The Muppets made it to the internet age. How awesome?

These look like they're official, but each video (minus the heckles...) is hosted by someone different, usually representing the main character of the short.

Pretty awesome.

Tropic Blunder

No, the play on words does not refer to the movie.

Film Metro let me down and supplied me with bad tickets. The tickets stated the showing was Aug 12, when in actuality the screening happened the night before.

Fortunately, this accident happened to quite a few people, and I now have tickets for a sneak preview of The Rocker later this week.

So check back Thursday night or Friday morning for my review of The Rocker.

I was a little bummed out, but now I am really excited.



Here's a pilot for a show my sis is making and I'm helping with:

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Share.

Clone Wars

I just saw Star Wars: Clone Wars tonight. It was pretty awesome. I'm still partial to the Cartoon Network Clone Wars cartoon, but the movie was still very entertaining.
I do have a few gripes though (warning: spoilers):

Firstly, no intro scroll.
For me, it's not a Star Wars movie without a scroll. The Cartoon Network Clone Wars didn't have a scroll, but it was only an hour long each season. Forgiven there, not here. This feature length film replaced the scroll with a narrative intro that just didn't satisfy me.

Second, lost continuity.
This film falls into the Clone Wars timeline fairly well as far as I can tell without looking up an online timeline. Although, it conflicts with some of the elements from the Cartoon Network version. I loved how the Cartoon Network version led perfectly into the third movie and this one led on to more stories which I recently found out will be supplemented by a weekly television show... I know I won't be able to keep up.

Third, weak and strong voice acting.
I loved that Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Anthony Daniels (and Matthew Wood?) all voiced their respective characters for this movie, but the big question is "will they commit to a weekly television show?" If so, great, but if they can't I fear the quality will only further diminish. I also was very disappointed in the choice of voice acting for Anakin. The actor gave Anakin a strength that isn't seen in the movies (or is it that I am disappointed in Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin, I don't know...). The actor voicing Obi-Wan did a good job, capturing the timbre and pacing of both Sir Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor.

Fourth, new character.
I took a day to write this because I wanted to let the new character sink in a bit, but I'm still indifferent about the new character to the Star Wars Universe. Ahsoka Tano is Anakin's new padawan and is almost like Anakin except female, and non human. Generally the vibe I get from this is to make Anakin grow up, but from the movies there wasn't much growth from Anakin between episondes II and III, so it doesn't really work for me. That and the weird nick names they use throughout the movie once she arrives. She calls Anakin "Skyguy" and R2D2 "Artooey," I'm just not ready for such a change in the Star Wars universe I guess.

All in all, the movie is a good Star Wars romp, but for die hard SW fans it could disappoint. But I think it's too late, Lucas put his stamp of approval on it and now we just have to live with it. I guess I can embrace it.

Tomorrow: Tropic Thunder.


The Vimeo Versions

Here's the videos again from vimeo instead of youtube.

I just happen to like vimeo's quality and layout more.

Kyle Lowe - Viva La Vida Cover from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

The Staff from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!


Two videos in one day? Crazy.

I guess I've been productive today!

Here's the second video I've upload (and created completely) today!


Vimeo is still down. So once I upload them there, I'll replace these silly lofi youtube embeds.

Sorry youtube, I've fallen out of love with you and now just use you when I have to.
(Actually, I double upload almost all my videos now and I still get more viewers on youtube. The subscription service and out reach is still better on youtube, I guess...)

Kung Fu

Here's a new video I made with my buddies Stephen and Eric:


Let me know what you think!


New Song!

I just uploaded a new chiptune/song to my music myspace profile:
It's titled "Bird"

Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

And on wednesday Jason, Todd, Gilbert and I had a band practice (first in a few months) and rocked out some awesome songs (mainly ons from my myspace profile).

We're gonna use my new 8 channel interface and record some demos and try to get some gigs around town! Super exciting!

But we can't decide on a band name... I've suggested:
Greetings From Babylon
Bazil The Great
Late Brokers
Beethoven's Editor

And Jason has come up with:
Actual Size
Boysincherries (a spin of boysenberries...)

What should we go with?