I want to win.

Patrick Stump started a contest to win one of his signature guitars. All I had to do was record a cover of either Fall Out Boy's "I Don't Care" or "America's Suitehearts."

So this is my entry:

Kyle Lowe - America's Suitehearts Cover.

I went a little above and beyond with the overdubs, but whatever. I'd very much like to win an have a free guitar.


Guitars and Bicycles.

Today I went and saw my friend Becca play at the Sequoia Brewing Co. It was pretty awesome. I had a nice cup of root beer and awesome music.

Here's some pic's I took out there:


You can hear her music here:

My dad went out in the California Hills today to catch a glimpse of his bike hero, Lance Armstrong. He shot a little video of Armstrong flying by and I might upload it youtube if he let's me.


Fatte: 28inch pizza FTW!

Last night's gig was awesome!

We ordered the FATTE 28 INCH pizza and almost ate all of it!

The bands sounded awesome and we even met some cool kids from the OC that were just hanging out.

Here's pictures from the gig:



Catch A Tuesday

This is an awesome short music video for She & Him.

Catch A Tuesday from Miky Wolf.


Friday: Gig!

Bazil The Great has another gig! You guessed it, we're opening up for Kill Mike Love again! Woo hoo!

Here's a little flier I made for the occasion:




Bill's Magical Guitar

My friend Bill is a rad guitar player. This is what he played on Tuesday at Fresno State:

Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto on Guitar - Bill Heisdorf and Charissa Thompson.


Today: Internet Radio. Tomorrow: The World!

I'm being interviewed on http://www.centralvalleytalk.com/ today around 4 or 5pm.

You should check it out. I'm probably going to talk about the new band or the jazz band or politics or something. It's all good.

So check it out!