Last night's gig…

…was awesome! I had a great time and I think everyone there did too!

Here's pictures from the gig:


And here's some video from the gig:













I can't wait until Tuesday.

I'm uploading some videos from the gig last night right now! I'll post when they're up!


Christmas Pics

I got kinda caught up in the inauguration and didn't upload the the Christmas pictures. So here they are:




Tomorrow in Hanford my band (currently untitled, but sort of going by Bazil the Great) is playing with my cousin's band Kill Mike Love.

Here's a little flyer I made for it:

2009-1-23 FLYER


Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza! Epilogue

I'm back home, in my mostly comfy computer chair and pondering about the past five days. It was an amazing experience. Nicole and I were very lucky and in very good fortune since the inception of the plan to go to Washington DC back in November.

It all began with Nicole telling me that she wanted to go and then it snowballed into me being told I was considered for tickets from my congressman to booking a package flight and hotel. I thank and am extremely grateful to everyone who supported us in going and I am humbled by the experience that I received while attending.

Usually I have something witty to say or some sort of quip, but for this post all I have is a warm heart to pour out in gratitude. Thank you and goodnight.

PS. I got my new glasses today:
has new glasses!

Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza! Part 5

The big day arrived! We got up and out about 7:30am and hit the metro. The station near the hotel wasn't bad, there were just a few more people there than usual. As we got closer to the capitol, the cars got super full and people were packed like sardines.

When we got off the metro about 8am there was already a sea of people crowding the streets of the capitol. We realized we had to walk all the way around the capitol to get to our entrance. We found a line to our entrance and followed it all the way around a block to the end. When we got into line, we met a red capped volunteer (all the volunteers wore special red caps to stand out) and he said that the block wrapping line was bogus and led to nowhere. He led us and a few hundred other people to the actual entrance and we were in in under an hour (very much unlike the people who had arrived at 4am and created a bogus line).

We were two hours early and found a spot to sit and relax for a bit. About 10-10:30am the US Marine band began to play and slightly entertain the 2million+ crowd. Important political figure heads began to file out of the capitol around 11am. The crowd cheered for Jimmy Carter and some booed for Bush Sr. and everyone cheered again for the Clintons and then many booed again for Bush Jr. When the Obama family emerged on the jumbotrons, the crowd went crazy. The (positive) mob mentality was humongous.

The ceremony was very straight forward. very much like all the other swearing in ceremonies that I've seen before, but Obama's speech was very interesting. He spoke with humility, humbleness and a very prepared mentality for the very difficult job ahead of him. The full transcript of his speech is on the Huffington Post. I highly recommend reading it over. The actual event was very emotional and reading his words over again is well worth it:

Few of my pictures from yesterday turned out and the only pictures I ended up uploading to flickr are of a little photo shoot Nicole and I did while waiting for the event to begin. None of my pictures of the jumbotrons turned out nor was I happy with my photos of the crowds. Here's the slim pickings from yesterday:



Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza! Part 4

I'm posting this evening because we're going to have a very early morning tomorrow.

Today was pretty short and sweet. We went out to the Longworth House Office Building to pick up the tickets for the inauguration. Then later we went to a Safeway to get food and sustenance for the long day ahead.

Here's some pictures from today:


Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza! Part 3

I'm kinda pressed for time right now, but yesterday's free concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial was awesome.

Tom Hanks, Jack Black, Forest Whittaker, Jamie Foxx, Joe Biden and Barack Obama all spoke. Bruce Springsteen, Josh Groban, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Shakira, Garth Brooks, James Taylor, and U2 performed.

I know I'm forgetting some, but I didn't get a pamphlet on the event. FAIL.

Okay, here's some pictures of the event:



Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza! Part 2

We are once
again updating from a location with free internet.

Yesterday we got a late start due to not being adjusted to the east
coast time. After we were all ready, we went out to the National Mall.
We checked out a few museums and all the news agencies setting up out

Then we met up with Catherine again and headed out to dinner. We
intended on going to a pizza place called 2 Amys, but they were full
up so we went to a Mexican restaurant called Cactus Cantina.

Today we're heading back out to the National Mall for the free
concert. Bono, Springsteen and Shakira are slated to be there. Very

Here's the first round of photos:



Kyle and Nicole's DC Inauguration Extravaganza!

We don't have
internet in our hotel like I thought we would, so these updates won't
be as frequent as I had hoped.

Yesterday was pretty awesome. We arrived in DC around 4pm (East coast
time) and got to our hotel via Super Shuttle around 6. There was a guy
riding on our shuttle who lived way out in the DC boonies and added a
half hour to the ride.

After we settled, we met up with Catherine for her birthday at Cafe
Ole, a Mediterranean cafe for dinner. Then we followed her and her
friends to American University for a little tour and a little birthday

Today we're walking around the National Mall checking out the
Smithsonian museums. I'll get around to editing the video and
uploading the pictures later tonight or sometime tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow we're going back out to the National Mall by the Lincoln
Memorial to hopefully see Bono, Bruce Springsteen and Shakira.

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One Year!

My EP has been on sale for one year! Wow. It doesn't seem like it's been a year since recording my songs in my room and then publishing them.

I think everyone should celebrate with me by going and buying it on iTunes or Amazon:

Tomorrow Nicole and I leave for Washington DC to attend the presidential inauguration. I'm so excited. Tune in tomorrow for part one of Kyle and Nicole's DC Extravaganza!


KSEE 24 DTV Special

Last night I helped with a local production about informing the public about the digital tv transition happening in February. I helped answer phones and answer questions people had about DTV.

My video production teacher, Candace Egan, took some pictures of the event:


Some people had some really bizarre questions and probably only called because they saw a telephone number on their tv. I had a really fun time.


Adventures in Merced: The Pictures

In the last week of 2008, I spent a lot of time in Merced. So here are the pictures that I took on those interesting adventures:


Nicole started a new public blog:

Check back on friday when I start writing about Nicole and my trip to Washington DC for the presidential inauguration: Kyle and Nicole's Trip To DC Extravaganza!

Hopefully I'll be able to do daily video updates, but if not I'll definitely write every day.


Soccer Slideshows

Way back when I was just a little, bitty boy, I used to play soccer for the Gettysburg Elementary Soccer Club.

I don't play soccer anymore, but I make the slideshows for the end-of-the-season awards ceremony.

Check 'em out (but don't feel like you need to watch them if they're not your kids -- in fact it's quite boring when they're not your kids):

Watch in HD.

Watch in HD.

I decided I wanted to do these in HD this year since I did three other projects in HD and really wanted to impress the people that pay me to do it.

Awesome. Washington DC in one week and one day! Expect a lot of blogging then.


America's Suitehearts Remix

I made a remix of Fall Out Boy's America's Suitehearts a few weeks ago, but delayed on releasing it until the music video for the song came out.

I can't embed it due to copyright reasons, so I'll simply post a link to my creation:

The quality of the video isn't very good, because I took it from another youtube video...

Since I usually embed a video when I post, here's a video of some kid with the same name as me skateboarding: