Another new song by Tyson

Go listen to Tyson's new song "My Inspiration" that I produced today on his music profile!


We did a live broadcast the whole time on http://www.justin.tv/kylelowe

Share thoughts, spread the word.

I'm proud. We were super cool. Pictures later.


New Songs and Free Downloads

Listen to "Interesting" on my music profile!

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Quirky love ditties and heart wrenching odes to SF0 all packed into four free songs!
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Shoutouts and Acknowledgements

The Fresno Beehive posted the CSI: Fresno video in their blog yesterday!
Totally exciting!

Mini update on life:
I applied for a job at the local CBS 47 station for the morning show and today I found out that I didn't get the job, but the people I met there liked me and thought I fit their atmosphere and vibe and would consider me for another position that will be opening up in a month or so. I'll just have to see how that plays out.

Also check out Tyson's new music profile:
I recorded and engineered and played on the track "Breaking". It's quite epic. Give it a listen.

And it's Nicole's birthday today! Happy Birthday to Nicole!


May 24th, 2008

Yesterday was pretty amazing.

Tyson and Abigail came over to record their song. I must say, I knew the song had potential the first time I heard it. We spent about 5 hours laying down all the tracks for it and I spent another hour or so mixing it down. I know I don't do things the way professionals do it, but I like be accommodating to my friends. Abigail wrote the words, Tyson crafted the melody and changes and I took all the ingredients and melded them together to bake the tasty song cake.

The final product sounds amazing. Big. Epic. Dramatic. Theatrical.

Download the song for free here:

Then later, Nicole, Kirsi, Tyson, Abigail and I all went to see the Clovis East High School's play The Innocents. Scary, beautiful, terrifyingly awesome.

Amazing day on the whole.

See the pictures:


Tyson created a Myspace Music Profile! Add him to your friends list:



A few days ago I went to the Clovis East High School Band Spring Concert. They were pretty awesome.
Here's a video of the winter percussion group's performance:

CEHS - Synesthesia 2008 from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

I also recorded the wind ensemble playing an arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody and I'll be uploading that soon.

Yesterday I did miss my buddy's band play at the local Kuppajoes, so here's an open apology to Jesse and Avarium about missing last night's assumably amazing show.

Today I spent all day at Jared and Gaby's scraping plaster off their ceiling and painting the walls. It wasn't terrible, it was a nice bonding experience between my cousins and my brother and I. I'm proud of the work we did.

This week Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is released. I'm so excited! Nicole bought midnight showing tickets, I think my inner fanboy is going to cry.


MCJ113 Final Video

This is the amazing video from my MCJ 113 class that was shot last thursday.

CSI: Fresno from Kyle Lowe

Can't you just smell the potential?

The whole crew put their whole hearts into this project and I am very proud to say that I had the opportunity to work with them.

As you can see in the credits, I worked a camera and wrote the script for the video.

It mainly has elements from CSI: Crime Scene Investigators (the original) and CSI: Miami (the Glasses+One Liners bit)

Please share thoughts and discuss with me what was liked and disliked!


Kittens video.

They're cute, but we can't keep them, we're taking them to the animal shelter today.

Kittenz and Prom Pictures

Prom was really fun, I danced it up, created a conga line, and did one of my better Michael Jackson dance impersonations. Later I passed on the prom king crown to the next guy.

I love the picture of my uncle with his "SEXING" hat. Yes, the hat and mustache does make him a porn star.

I'm uploading a video right now, it should be up in a few minutes.

My mom and I are taking the kittens to the animal shelter later today. Someone please give them a home.


So I lied.

I have a dead day for preparation of finals. So instead of studying, I upload a video.

Last Place (Original Song) from Kyle Lowe.

It's an older song I wrote for when I was playing and writing for the now defunct The SoteLowes. This song and one other one, I feel are well written and are worth keeping in my headspace.

Let me know what you think.

And it has been four months that my EP has been online for sale. Just thought I would share.

Kyle Lowe - Theamazingkylelowe - EP

If you liked the video, buy the album.


Finals week.

Yuck. Finals are this upcoming week. Not fun. My Women's Studies teacher said that we should study at least ten hours for the final if we want an A. Really? Ten hours? I was thinking more along the lines of two. But of course, when I'm thinking that she says, if you only spent two or three hours dedicated to it, you'll probably get an F. She read my mind and exploited it. Poop. I also have a physics final and have to give a presentation for my MCJ1 class...

Nicole took me to see Michael Bublé on Tuesday, and it was quite cool. He had a full big (jazz) band setup on his slanted stage and he really took control of the audience. Earlier that day Wyatt and Quinn were over again for some fun babysitting and whatnot and I was a bit worried they would burn me out before the concert, but I was able to have more than enough energy.

Today my MCJ113 class shot our final project, and it was quite cool as well. I don't have the video of it yet, but as soon as I get my hands on it, I'll upload it for sure. IT was a daunting task, it was out first experience with a full casted talent cast and using two sets at once. We ran through it about six or seven times before putting it to tape. I was at school from 8am to 2:30pm and I seriously haven't had a day that long since high school. And even then, at least there were lunch breaks and changes of periods/subjects...

But the final product is amazing.

And here are some pictures from the past few days:

the kyle and the quinn

Bublé 5.06.08

the monitor

the crewpeople

hidey kim

csi: fresno pilot cast


Week of pictures!

here are some new pictures from the past week.


in the dark

tyson and his truck

kirsi and abigail


kyle and quinn

Let me know what you think!

Finals are next week, I'm not really worried or anything, I just want school to be over soon. Summer, so close, yet so far.

The video production final project is gonna be amazing. Our CSI: Fresno is coming along quite nicely. Very exciting. I'll hopefully post it when we're done with it.



So I applied for some jobs on wednesday. It was awkward (just like the rest of my life). Right after school I went to BSK Labs on the recommendation of Kyle Hamilton and saw this outside the office:
I have no idea what kind of inside joke that is for.

After I taught my guitar class had an interview with Blackbeards Arcade that I got from the job fair (see previous entries) a few weekends ago. At the job fair, I just left a resume because they had run out of applications, so before the interview I filled out an application.

But of course I had to goof around on the app:
job app3
Who uses half dollars anymore?

Then on my way home I filled out an application for one of the many Starbucks in town.

I know I was really anti-job for a while, but I need moneys. It kills me a little inside every time I fill out an application.

Then yesterday I made a steam engine in my physics lab out of aluminum cans. It was mondo cool.

Steam Engine from Kyle Lowe

But when I got home, my mom told me Blackbeards called and decided they didn't want me. I'm over it. I didn't really want to deal with little kids all summer.

Also, my allergies were terrible thursday. I couldn't get much stuff done after school. I seriously slept over ten hours that night. Wonderous recovering sleep.