Yesterday was the Fresno State Jazz concert Jazz-0-Ween.

We all got to dress up!

I really went as Angus Young from AC/DC but I wore a trench coat over it and started as a happy flasher, it was nice.

But my favorite goes out to Leo, Mike and Mike's girlfriend (sorry, I forgot your name) as the Pokémon team; Ash, Brock and Misty!


Fatte Alberts Gig #02

Here are some pictures from my gig with Kill Mike Love this past Saturday.

It was awesome. I recorded some backing tracks and played along with them to give the illusion of a full band.

Three part harmonies with myself? Win.


Where's Fluffy? Tonight!

Did you see Nick and Norah? Then you'd get the joke.

But really, tonight! Hanford, Fatte Alberts. 8p.m.

Kill Mike Love!

And opened by me!

And it's Wendy's birthday celebration.

So you should totally come to Hanford with me and chill. Will be sick, will be playing new songs! Will involve keyboards, gameboys and computers.

Get a Map Here

Also! My EP just went up on Amie Street Music!

Go to this link to sign up and get $5 free for signing up:

And that's more than enough to get some of my DRM Free MP3's plus other cool stuff. (Hey, the hooker that Elliot Spitzer had an affair with has music up there... You know it's hot, when she's got stuff for sale there...)

Double plus also! I have just a few more tshirts for sale and will be selling them tonight! Get one before they're gone!

So to recap:
1) Go to Fatte Albert's tonight at 8.
2) Go to http://ping.fm/BfV4c and then search "kyle lowe" after signing up to get my music for free.
3) Buy the last few tshirts I have so I can order shinny new ones!



I have a gig.

Opening up for Kill Mike Love again!

Out at Fatte Albert's in Downtown Hanford.
View A Map

Come check it out if you can!

Need a ride? I'm taking a van. Hit me up.


Musical Credits

Carl and I finally finished the credit roll for the Musical.

Click here to watch in HD!

Let me know what you think!


Today's Webcomics

...are bomb. Hilarious. Genius (with a J).

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic


PS. Watch my new video. See previous post.

Musical: Kyle's Vocals

When I was working on the musical, I recorded the music with my vocals first so Tyson and Abigail would be able to hear the melodies...

I thought it would be funny to dub my original vocals over the video.

The High School Themed Musical Act 1 - Demo Music from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

They did a good job of recreating the melodies and added their own little inflection which really made it better!



I just finished filling out a scholarship form for my Junior (or just 3rd, never know how many years I'll actually stay) year at CSU Fresno. It seems kinda early to be filling something like that out, but whatever.

I like to goof around a bit with written sections. Just to make sure someone actually reads these things all the way through. I've never gotten such a call or response from anyone, so I just assume no one ever reads them.

This is what I put into the "Personal Statement" section of the form:
"I am a simple person. I enjoy long walks on the beach, foreign movies, and clichés. I have a knack for paradoxes. I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. I like to think I'm a simple person.

I spend a considerable time at my church. I sing and play guitar in the church choir and help children in their catechism classes. Almost all of my Sunday is devoted to time spent at church. My friends ask why I don't hangout with them on Sunday. Professors ask why I don't finish my weekend homework. It is because I spend a considerable time at my church.

I am currently a Mass Communication and Journalism major. I enjoy writing. I write scripts. I write short stories. I write about silly situations, awkward situations, and fiction no one else bothers to write. I like to write about what goes on around me. I have taken quite a liking to writing stories as if I am a reporter working for a newspaper. Too bad the local newspaper just fired over one hundred employees. Especially since that's the kind of job could get with a Mass Communication and Journalism degree.

I like to consider myself a very conscious person. I like to know what goes on in this big wide world. I read the newspaper daily, I watch 24-hour news, I watch daily news. I also frequent The Huffington Post, Digg and take a deep pleasure in watching The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. News and social consciousness help me stay sane, I can always remind myself that the world is much more messed up than my simple life."

And this is what I put into the "Career Goal" section:
"After I graduate from CSU Fresno, I'd like to write and direct films. I've already made a few short films in my video production classes at CSU Fresno. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, and Martin Scorsese are my heros in that field. I would love to create a film that rivals the heartfeltness of Spielberg's E.T. and the stylistics of Tarantino's Kill Bill and the imagination of Lucas' Star Wars. Maybe not all in the same film, but cumulatively.

I would also like to be a recording artist. I love writing songs and performing them in front of people. I play guitar in a band and I frequent local open mic sessions. I would love to be paid for that sort of work. Writing a song that appears in the next hip Apple commercial or playing a sold out show for fans would be a head rush that might cause my head to actually explode.

Realistically, the economic state of the United States can be disheartening. I can always look forward to steady work in weapons manufacturing or arms dealing, since the United States is the world's largest exporter.

I hear porn is a big industry too."

I hope it makes someone laugh first, then I hope they give me some money to pay for my tuition. I've got my priorities down.


The Dutchess

I saw The Dutchess over the weekend. It was pretty good. I'm sad that it came out after The Other Boleyn Girl because this was a bit better movie.

Keira Knightley played a tortured soul in a corset well and I think it's not the first time that she's done that...

The plot moved kinda slowly in the middle, but it emphasized that she was pregnant and waiting multiple times. But sometimes it was a little too much.

It was very artistic with lighting and color. I enjoyed that quite a bit.

So, if you're into 18th century drama, this is a good example of it. If your into ladies in corsets and mild lesbianism, you're better off with porn, this has it sprinkled throughout the film (which I didn't know going into it) but it's done tastefully and lightly.

So tonight, I'm gonna try to catch a preview of Sex Drive ad have a write up before Friday.

Time for a history quiz. Damn.


The Musical!!!

It's here!

Watch it in all it's HD glory here:

I just uploaded it and it hasn't finished converting yet at the time of this posting, but as soon as I know I'll embed it to the blog...

But let me know what you think!
It's my first musical and my first HD project and I'm really excited to hear what people think!


I'm almost done exporting my musical!

I'm hoping it'll be up and running in HD on Vimeo in about an hour!

It's seriously been tough and interesting to learn the new technology and getting everything together.

I'll post again once it's up!

I'm so excited! You should be too.


Nicole and Kyle's awesome day at the coast

Yesterday Nicole and I went to the coast.

We visited my uncle Joe and his girlfriend Kelly in SLO. Then we went to Pismo Beach for a while. Spent a longer time at Avila Beach. And then had dinner in SLO before coming home.

It was awesome.

You know what's almost as awesome as going to the beach? Musicals. Even closer? Internet musicals made for college video production classes.

Get your fill of awesome tomorrow when I post my (and my project partner, Carl's) musical! Currently titled "High School Themed Musical" or "For the Day" Find out what it's final title will be tomorrow! Right here, on The Amazing Kyle Lowe's Blog Of Awesome!

Hot Air Balloons and Collegianators

Last month my buddy Jason Wada started to get a video project off the ground about the college newspaper called "The Collegianators" but because of some scheduling issues it didn't get finished.

So here are my two pictures from it and of the Clovis City Balloon Thingy (not official title):

I still am super excited to upload the musical tomorrow! You should be excited to see it.

Music Video Shoot

I'm finally getting around to going over pictures I've taken over the past two months.

Here are some of the pictures from the music video shoot I helped out with:

Fashawn is a rapper from Fresno. Check out his last music video here:

I'll be posting my (and my class partner Carl)'s musical I did for my video production class tomorrow in the afternoon!
Look out for it in HD in my Vimeo page, but of course I'll post more about it tomorrow!


Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is an entertaining, semi-highbrow comedy that will appeal to hipsters and musical literate.

The movie's moving plots intertwine, which could lose some people, but isn't too hard to follow.

Michael Cera, as Nick, plays his now expected subtle hilarious character. A straigh bass player in a queercore New York underground band. He's not the same as the character's he's played in Juno or Superbad because he's plagued by the recent break up. This shows his ability to play deeper character than simply the high school loser boy. Now he's a fairly cool yet tormented high school boy.

Kat Dennings, as Norah, plays the smart-alec-y girl that she seems to play. She plays smart and cool, but can get emotional if she suspects she's being toyed with.

I really love the movie's winding and intertwining plot. Searching for the drunk friend, trying to find clues for the elusive band and the silly gay band members just trying to have fun all tie together and help each other to give Nick and Norah the perfect night.

I want it to be a popular movie. I also really like the Rocker and wanted it to do well and we know how well that went... Oh well. I can wish.

Unrelated note: I just finished my cut of the musical. Monday, Carl and I are going to get together in class and take the best parts from each other's and make a final version.

It should be up monday evening.

I'll post it as soon as it's done.

I guess Abigail took some pictures, but they're only on Facebook... Oh well.