Two Awesome Nights Of Music And CDs…

…coming to your face!

First up is the Fresno State Jazz Band Concert:

Thursday, April 30th at 8:00 PM
In the Concert Hall in the Music Building
Fresno State University
Everyone will receive a free CD with a ticket purchase ($6)!

Than the night after that, is Bazil The Great EP release at Kuppajoe:

Thursday, May 1st at 7:00 PM
Kuppajoe 3673 N. First St. Fresno, CA
Cover is $8 and the EP will be $5!

It will be awesome!


Bazil Pictures and More Degrees of Separation

When Bazil The Great played Central Valley Talk last week, I had my friends Carl and Christy come out and take some pictures of us. Here are my favorites:


A few weeks ago, I played with my school jazz band for the school's "Day Of Percussion" and played with a guest drummer, Jeff Hamilton. Jeff kicked butt and was a great drummer (although he played really loud into my ear since the guitar sits next to the ride cymbal… I just hope I don't get Tinnitus when I'm too young) and I knew he had quite a lengthy résumé, but I just caught the Letterman from two weeks ago that Diana Krall was on and there Jeff was playing right behind her!

Pretty crazy! So because I played with Jeff Hamilton for the "Day Of Percussion" my degree of separation from Diana Krall is now one or two (I really need to look up how it actually works…). And then my degree of separation from Led Zeppelin and Elvis Costello is just two or three… Crazy indeed. But actually just being that close to Diana Krall is pretty awesome in itself…


Bazil CD

I just posted the new Bazil The Great EP (The EP - Purple Spotted Underpants) up for iTunes.

It's pretty sweet. I'm super proud of it.

So anyone should be able to download it from iTunes or the Amazon MP3 store April 21 or 28. Or come out to a Bazil show sometime next month and buy a physical CD (I highly recommend it).

Bazil The Great is playing May 1 @ Kuppajoe (3673 N. First St., Fresno, California 93726), May 8 @ Caffe E Via (2597 N 11th Ave, Hanford, California), May 22 @ The Lucky 13 (4113 W Swift Ave 101, Fresno, California 93722), May 31 @ The Crossroads (3315 N. Cedar Ave., Fresno, California 93726).

Message me if you have any questions. Rock on.


What kylelowe's been up to.

These past few weeks have been flying by… I'm finishing up and EP for my band, Bazil The Great, and for my cousin's band, Kill Mike Love, finishing up this semester at school and trying to be ready for all of these deadlines.

The BTG and KML albums should be on iTunes late May or early June, depending on when my lazy ass gets them done, and my school work has been slacking.

I broke my fairly new glasses last week and I'm kinda bummed about that. I'm wearing my old glasses and I think I like them better, but will be getting a new pair of my latest fashion ones soon…

I've mixed live audio for my friends' band, HR7. They're really good and always put on a great show.

So with most of the things I've been doing, I've tried to remember to have my camera handy to take some pictures, so here's what was post able:


Andy and Jen

A few weeks ago, my friends Andy and Jen got married.

I finally got around to going over the pics I took at the wedding today:



Recording: Kill Mike Love

For the past two weekends, I've been recording my cousin's band, Kill Mike Love. We're shooting to finish 5 songs for an EP this month and have all 13 of their songs done in a few months.

The first three sessions went pretty smoothly and hopefully we only need two more to finish up the EP.

Here's some pictures I took over the second session:


Also, my band, Bazil The Great, is moving nicely. We're playing a show next Tuesday and it's going to be broadcast online! Watch us Tuesday April 7 at 4pm at http://www.centralvalleytalk.com/. I am also in talks with Kuppajoe and Extreme Pizza to set up a few more shows and the tshirts that I ordered for the band should be in soon!

Also, also, I'm acting in a friend's video project! It's a music video for a Fresno band called Poplord, the music is pretty fun and it's quite interesting to try to act. I'm so used to being on the other side of the camera and this is a new experience. I'll post the video as soon as it's done and online!

Hopefully the ball gets rolling smooth soon!