So my band, Bazil The Great was supposed to play a show with Head Rush/HR7 this Friday, but the restaurant only wanted one band. Boo to Sequoia Brewing Co… no matter how good their homemade root beer is.

But we are going to play Central Valley Buzz with Chuck Leonard which is pretty cool, because we'll we online and on tv! We go on April 7th at 4pm. Click on Chuck's name to go to the website. Otherwise, we'll be on Channel 33(analog) and 43.1(digital).

And I took some demos to Club Fred/Audie's Olympic and Whiskey Creek. Hopefully something comes from that.

But all this focus on the band has hindered my attention to school, so I must get to my homework, nao.



I just made my 3000th Twitter update. I just don't know if this means I'm awesome or if I need to get a life.

Also, the Fresno Famous website is hosting a contest to see who the most popular person in Fresno is. Right now a homosexual blogger is winning with 2000+ votes and I think I have 5, so go vote "The Amazing Kyle Lowe!" http://fresnofamous.com/sites/all/modules/fca/vote.php?what=pseudo_celebrity



Has Autotune gone too far?

This man doesn't think so:

Auto Tuning.

I wish I would have thought this up…


Not My Song

Nor her's, but she does a really good rendition:


But my song is coming along nicely, most of the song is mixed and ready to go, I'm just waiting for Jared Eben to possibly send me a piano track a lay underneath. And I'm going to start tracking another song soon so the "Kill Mike Love/Bazil The Great Split EP" and "The EP" can be done soon.



Lance Armstrong just posted this on his Twitter:
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Pretty cool.

Radagun: CD Release

Last night was Radagun's CD release party at Kuppajoe and it was pretty fun.

Here's some pictures from last night's set:


Also, my band Bazil The Great finished recording the first song for our new EP. Just a few more songs and we'll have a split EP with Kill Mike Love and a 5 song EP of out own to sell!


Degrees Of Separation

My first year at Fresno State I played in the Jazz Band B and for one of our concerts, a saxophone player named Bob Reynolds was a guest artist and played with the band.

He was a great player, but what really made me start struck was that he is John Mayer's saxophone player of choice and always tours with Mayer. Him playing with the Fresno State Jazz Bands made my degree of separation from John Mayer: 2. (That's how it works right? Or would it be 1 because there's only one person between John Mayer and I? Eh, 2 is close enough). Kyle Lowe > Bob Renolds > John Mayer

Today I was perusing the iTunes Store catalog (I don't really have money to buy music, but it doesn't mean I don't like to look) and saw that the California rapper Evidence just made a music video with will.i.am.

Last year, I helped my buddy Punit make the FASHAWN music video, My Way, which featured Evidence. I didn't meet Evidence, because his shoots were only in LA while I only did the Fresno production days. But I did work with FASHAWN who worked with Evidence, who has now worked with will.i.am. Kyle Lowe > FASHAWN > Evidence > will.i.am

So now, I'm at a 3rd degree of separation from will.i.am! I'm moving up in the world, although these degrees of separation aren't credible and can't be used on a résumé or in an interview…

I just thought I would point this out.