Bland Update.

I just created a "Donate" button from PayPal. Why? Because I have no money. Why do I have no money? Because I have no income. And instead of being a regular person and finding a job, I created a "Donate" button.

Aside from that, I also created a new facebook group. It's comparing John McCain to an Invader Zim episode. Be jealous.
I was trying not to break any of the facebook Terms and Conditions, but I think I broke one or two. I hope my facebook account doesn't get deleted...

Today has been a nice and calm César Chávez day. I have vacuumed like a mad man. Almost every room in my house has been vacuumed. Beautiful.

I really need to pay attention to that warning telling me that I have only nine minutes left before my battery dies... Oh well. Thank you blogger for having a "Automatic Draft Saving" setting. Whew.

I feel like I haven't uploaded a video in a while, although it's only been about a week. I need to come up with something other than just me playing guitar into the camcorder (although the feedback from that has been extremely positive and I thank everyone that has given me kudos on it). I am excited, I saved the "Jeff Eben Running for Fresno Mayor" commercial and I think I'm going to remix a version and put upload it.

Background info: Jeff Eben was my high school principal and now is running for Fresno mayor. I'm good friends with Jared Eben (Jeff's son) we play video games and talk about music. Jeff is in a wheelchair from an accident in his teens and is an amazing man. I don't actually live in Fresno, so I can't vote in the Fresno mayoral race, so I figure I'll make him a nice little commercial for the internet...

I try not to get involved in politics, but Eben's a friend. And that's where it gets complicated. Friends do favors. Politicians live on favors. Politicians love their friends...

However. If this ends up becoming a weird political blog, someone please tell me. I prefer this to be about my craziness.

Donation Cancellation

You backed out. That's okay. I still love you. But if you ever change your mind, feel free to donate.

Donation Verification

Thank you for your donation. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at www.paypal.com/us to view details of this transaction.

If you have stumbled upon this page on accident, please ignore it. Unless you are interested in donating money to me...


new cover

Kyle Lowe - I Don't Want To Live On The Moon from Kyle Lowe on Vimeo.

I Don't Want To Live On The Moon has been one of my favorite Sesame Street songs since I was really little. When I was deciding on where to go to college I heard this song while babysitting my little cousin. I don't know if it directly effected my decision to stay home and go to the local college, but the song seemed to embody how I felt at the time.

I also have uploaded some other videos to Vimeo. I think I like the quality and layout of Vimeo more than YouTube. Things just seem to crazy over at youtube, but I'll probably keep uploading my videos to both since youtube videos are more likely to receive more viewership.

I'm fairly nervous this morning, I have to direct my "pencil exercise" in my video production class. I don't know if I like that fact that it's the video that I direct that gets the major grading. I really like being the technical director or graphics or audio, too much stress is set upon the director's position.

Maybe the teacher will go easy on me now that they know I'm younger than all of the other students. The rest of the students are juniors and seniors (20-23) while the little freshman is trying to hold his own. At least they thought I was as old as them for as long as they did. An equal peer. A competitive match. Something like that. Now, (I think) they see me more as someone with room to grow rather than someone at the end of the collegial run who hasn't been keeping up.

Well, that was nice to type out, rather than bottle up until exploding. There's nothing like pounding out unabashed thoughts onto an online blog for the world to see. Wish me luck.

(ps. Notice the compulsion to type with (semi-)correct capitalization. It's probably a good habit to keep.)



so i babysat wyatt the riot on saturday.


he wanted to feed me his sandwich.
crazy kid.



random notes of joy

i had my new song/jingle featured in a new sf0 podcast!
listen to it here:
http://sf0. org/podcast
just a heads up, my song is the very last bit of the hour long podcast just so you don't have to listen to all the talk about tasks and new members.

and check out all the new videos i uploaded the past week on youtube, i went kinda youtube crazy:
http://www. youtube. com/user/kylelowe

listen to vampire weekend's entire sxsw show here:
(who would have thought npr would have some awesome sxsw captures!?!)

now i have to clean my room.


the awkward life of kyle continues...

uhg, i have one-hundred-million things running through my mind right now. i might have to direct my pencil exercise, i have to give the guitar book back to cmt and i’ve found myself living in a limbo/paradox of seemingly impossible goals and no money/not succumbing to life and getting a real job.

on a lighter note here’s a brief narrative on an exciting and disturbing "kyle lowe evening":

earlier today i was talking to my parents about lent, sort of. we’re catholic and lent the the forty day (not including sundays) period before easter, and traditionally something is given up for the liturgical season of lent (but since sundays aren’t included, partakers are allowed to indulge in their semi controlled addictions on sunday). while briefly conversing, my mom made the one of the dirtiest comments i’ve possible heard her say (at least dirty enough to need to blog about it).

my dad was eating ice cream. i forget which kind, whatever is in our freezer. it had chocolate in it. habitually my mother (and i, but it’s unrelated for this story) give up chocolate for lent while my father (who has only been officially catholic for a few years now) doesn’t really give up anything in particular. upon seeing my father scoop ice cream into a bowl, she makes a comment out loud as she seems to do in many similar situations (it’s a different kind of habit of hers). something along the lines of, "you’re having having ice cream during lent!?!" she’s quite the instigator (but also a hypocrite because of her constant punishing of my instigations in other situations).

i defended my father by quipping, "well, if he doesn’t eat the ice cream, it will go bad before lent is over." at first my mother didn’t say anything and i thought of myself being pretty smart for curbing the wrath of my mother (and potentially that of god’s) in my post dinner euphoria (yes, i get euphoria from eating. well, i just like to use the term euphoria).

but just a moment after my internal glee, my mother re-quips, "well, i know one thing that he’s given up for lent." yes, she was talking about what you’re thinking about...

really? did that conversation need to go there!?!

only about one-hundred different lenten bedroom scenarios played out in my head in the horror of my minds eye. so, i bit my tongue and kept myself from continuing in the conversation.

did you know that a vast majority of babies are born 9 months from easter?

yeah, you with the birthday around christmas and new year, i’m talking to you. sorry if i just ruined your day for you. now you know what i felt like after that conversation.

also unrelated, i uploaded a handful of new videos to youtube.
please watch them and tell me if you liked them or not, they're mainly me playing guitar in front of my camera.

and i have a new song on my music profile. it was intended as a podcast jingle at the request of kyle hamilton (read about the other kyle in the salsa dancing blog) but grew into a full length, silly, pop song.
give a listen here and tell me what you think:


new cover

by me, from my favorite band that never really existed (aside from the blues brothers).

let me know that you think... unless you don't like it, then keep it to yourself. just kidding. you can tell me if you don't like it.


happy birthday

chuck norris,


carrie underwood,

and bass player for pearl jam.

my grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday this weekend. she old and kicking it.

lucy opening gits

oh and tin man and no country for old men come out on dvd tomorrow. i don't know what to spend money on. i also want supersmashbros... and i want to save money. stupid budgeting...