Back to school.

Today was my first day back to school.

Starting my third year of college is kinda strange. I kinda know how it works now. I try not to act too confident, because I know I'll wind up in a sticky situation where I'll need to know something and not.

So far my classes seem pretty cool. Media Law is mandatory for my major, so I hope that one is fairly painless. New Media seems like a breeze as long as I don't procrastinate on the papers. And lastly, Fiction Writing looks like it'll be a fun class, since it's mostly reading, discussion and writing, that and the TA teaching seems like a cool dude.

I have three more new classes tomorrow, and hopefully they're just as nice.

So I might be getting a new phone soon, so message me if you feel that I should have your phone number. Thanks.

Also, Bazil might be entering a Battle of the Band in Fullerton. If we do, would you be willing come down to Fullerton with us (possible official caravan) and spend a day with us? The tickets will be $10 and whoever is driving the caravan might appreciate some gas money too. Comment or message me your thoughts.