Uh oh.

Dear blog,

I've been neglecting you. Luckily unlike my dog, you won't die from neglect, but that means the dog gets priority over you…

I've been up to a lot, blog. School is slowly killing me. I have lots of homework to do, but I procrastinate.

There has been lots of music in my life. I purchased lots of new CDs. A Fine Frenzy, Imogen Heap, Relient K, Monsters Of Folk, Paramore and lots more. I love them all. I forgot to state in my last post that I saw blink-182. It was amazing. Seeing Weezer and then blink was fulfilling to my inner teenager. Those two bands helped shape my awkward years and maybe that was the turning point in my life to be less awkward. Eh. Probably not.

I've been writing a lot, just not to you and I hope that's okay. I have a handful of new songs to record. I'm hoping to take a long weekend and put them all down to garageband or logic soon.

I made a video yesterday and that is what many spurred this post. I made the video because Bazil is playing Kuppajoe next Friday. I'm very excited. The Kennedy Bros are nice and are too kind to let my band play at their venue.

Anyway, here's the video. Talk to you later, blog.